Building Materials MCQs Set-9

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1. Pig iron made from haematite ores free from sulphur, phosphorus and copper, is known as

2. Percentage of carbon content in mild steel is

3. The main constituent of cement which is responsible for initial setting of cement is

4. Glazing is used to make earthenware

5. In brick masonry the bond produced by laying alternate headers and stretchers in each course is known as

6. A 1st class brick immersed in water for 24 hours, should not absorb water (by weight) more than

7. Le-Chatelier's device is used for determining the

8. Which of the following should be used for hearting of thicker walls?

9. To give a brilliant finish, the type of varnish used, is

10. To retard the initial setting time of cement, the compound responsible, is



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