Want to start a blog for passive income in Seven steps in 2020

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Want to start a blog or website but you don’t know how to start so don’t worry I will tell you in a simple way and don’t think that it’s a scientist work.

Now we will start the process, as you are reading this article then you must came up with some life experience /technology /idea/ thought that about what you are going to share with this world. If you know that about what you want to start then there is no mistake in starting a blog.

Now we will tell you the steps one by one:

First step: Select a company that have at least 10 years mark in this online hosting industry.

Second step: Have a name for your domain like [VideRime.com].

Third step: Now select a domain extension like.com, .biz, .net or any which is best suit for your business or personal.

Fourth step: As you have selected domain like www.viderime.com. Here, alone with this domain we can’t start publishing content in online world. Now time is to select hosting package. It’s better if you start with cheap Hosting plan or starter plan to get the working procedure of this online content publishing.

Five step: Now install an application like wordpress, select your matching theme with your ideas and start blogging in comfort of your home.

Sixth step: The most important and toughest part of blogging is to write your thoughts in a unique way. Don’t copy someone else ideas. To continue writing unique articles for that you need time and dedication.

Seventh step: Now you have started writing articles with dedication and giving your precious time in writing articles. Now it’s time to submit website to google index. Because the website is online but visitors are not coming because it’s not indexed in Google search engine. For that you have to submit website to google webmaster tools, because we want organic visitors through Google.

To earn passive income you need:

  • 6 month old domain.
  • 20 unique articles on alternate days.
  • Atleast 200 visitors daily.
  • Atlast go for Adsense account.

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Arbaj Demrot is the founder of VideRime Online Learning, a leading engineering website. He did his BE Civil and M.Tech Structure from RGPV University, Bhopal and has been working as an Assistant Professor in a reputed college.

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